The design of Klub started as selfmade, condensed “proto”-woodtype letters
which were part of a large multi-colored letterpress printed billboard realised as
part of my diploma research in 2011/12. It was then developed into a typedesign
of multiple widths (from very condensed to expanded) and multiple weights.
It was finalized in 2015 and published in 2019 at Type By.

Klub’s first public appearance was on the printed ephemera and catalogue
for the exhibition „Vom Buch auf die Straße“ in 2014. 

Selection of Klub in use:
1—“Vom Buch auf die Straße”, 2014
2—Günter Karl Bose:“Bose – Plakate/Posters for Musica Viva”, 2017
3—Posters by Anja Kaiser for the Issue Project Room, New York, 2018