Pierre Pané-Farré is a designer in Leipzig and co-founder of Forgotten Shapes.

*NEW* Learning Unlearning from Bauhaus
*NEW* The case of Will & Schumacher
*NEW* Library, Film, Amateur
Soirée Fantastique
Soirée Fantastique (letterpress poster)
Die polychrome Druckerei
—Vom Buch auf die Straße (Ed.)

Library, 2019–2020 (on request)
Amateur, 2019–2020 (on request)
Film, 2018–2019 (on request)
Klub, 2012–2015 (Specimen)
Affichen-Schriften, 2011–2017 (Specimen)
Orly, 2012
Couteau, 2012
Greco, 2012

The case of Will & Schumacher
—What came after black and red?

—Jour Fixe, Burg Giebichtenstein, Halle 2022
—GD-department, KABK Den Haag, 2022
—BK/GD-department, HGB Leipzig, 2021
TDC Tokyo 2020 Type Design Prize, Tokyo 2020
—Sans Everything #2, ESAD Amiens, Amiens 2019
—Type design workshop, Burg Giebichtenstein, Halle 2018
—Link, Lecture together with Dafi Kühne, HBK Saar 2017
—KD-department, Burg Giebichtenstein, Halle 2017
—Atelier national de recherche typographique, Nancy 2017
—Printemps de la typo, Paris 2017
—ATypI Conference, Warsaw 2016
—Typotage, Leipzig 2015
—ATypI Conference, Amsterdam 2012

Ongoing research
19th c. wood type in German speaking territories
19th c. stencilled posters in France (with Prof. Eric Kindel)

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