Pierre Pané-Farré is a typographic designer based in Leipzig and co-founder of Forgotten Shapes. He is currently preparing a Conspectus of German 19th century wood type manufacturers and researching on the emergence and development of the stencilled poster in France in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. For his research on early 19th-century poster typefaces please refer to his work Affichen-Schriften

Soirée Fantastique (book)
Soirée Fantastique (poster)
Die polychrome Druckerei

Film, 2018–2019 (on request)
Klub, 2012–2015 (Specimen)
Affichen-Schriften, 2011–2017 (Specimen)
Orly, 2012
Couteau, 2012
Greco, 2012

TDC Tokyo 2020 Type Design Prize, Tokyo 2020
Sans Everything #2, ESAD Amiens, Amiens 2019
—Type design workshop, Burg Giebichtenstein, Halle 2018
—Link, Lecture together with Dafi Kühne, HBK Saar 2017
—KD-department, Burg Giebichtenstein, Halle 2017
—Atelier national de recherche typographique, Nancy 2017
Printemps de la typo, Paris 2017
ATypI Conference, Warsaw 2016
—Typotage, Leipzig 2015
ATypI Conference, Amsterdam 2012

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